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You have dreamed about owning an online business and selling products via the Web. Now you're faced with the decision of which web development shop to engage, so that when you enter that important relationship, you can do so with the confidence that your investment will be used wisely and that the outcome will become a success. With "experts" everywhere you look, so many different shopping cart solutions, and discount hosts offering promotions that seem so appealing, how do you make the right choice?

GreyBeard Design Group is a full-service and highly-effective team of creative and IT professionals with extensive experience in e-commerce website design, implementation, custom programming, and hosting.

Having served the ProductCart community as a Certified ProductCart Developer since 2005, we design, build, host and customize ProductCart stores full time. Look at our portfolio to understand the flexibility of our PA-DSS validated shopping cart software, and the wide range of design approaches we have applied for our various clients.

As a specialty ProductCart e-Commerce hosting provider, we understand the optimal server configuration required for your ProductCart store, and will enforce the necessary settings to maintain PCI compliance. We avoid overloading our servers in order to deliver optimal page load performance, and we are committed to excellence in response to your technical support needs.

We create plugin modules which extend the functionality of the ProductCart application. Some of those modules have been adopted by the author and have become part of the base code that is now distributed to all licensees.

There never seems to be a time when we aren't working on custom programming assignments in which we are creating some sort of carefully tailored solution for a client - ranging from shipping modifications to custom admin tools; tweaking page layouts to complete API integrations to outside services. Tell us how you need ProductCart's functionality tailored to meet your requirements, and it may just happen that we have already done something similar. If not, we can very likely craft a solution that works in the form you imagined (or perhaps even better.)

So how do you make the right choice as to what e-Commerce provider to partner with? Look for experience... And look for proven results...

Greybeard Design Group is the ProductCart specialist that you can count on day in and day out. Contact us by e-mail or call us at 530 926-1192.

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