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Category: Catalog/Information

This site is owned by the same folks who run captainjacksalaska.com. Steve runs his charter service out of Seward, Alaska, while wife Elle runs the seafood store on the docks and on the Web.

Profish is fully responsive. The site is packed with detailed information about species, seasonal expectations, and a section that helps plan your Alaskan Fishing Adventure.


Category: E-Commerce

This was an interesting and challenging project. Fully responsive, packed with layout enhancements, this store is a sales machine. On the product pages we introduced videos to better promote key products. And the Buyer's Guide is helpful for customers as well as providing more content for SEO. The site is also a great illustration of what can happen when the merchant commits to a complete re-shoot of category header and product images.


Category: E-Commerce, Database (Dynamic Content)

The client is an industry leader with a thriving and robust business selling bird deterrents. Unfortunately their previous website, created in the 90's had become outdated and poorly represented the breadth and reach of their products and services.

The subsequent redesign and development of their current site was a collaborative project that involved rethinking the UI/AI to serve target audiences based on their specific needs; whether that be home owners, contractors or property managers. To that end it involved an extraordinary effort by a team beyond the designer and developers that are normally involved, to also include photography and copy-writing professionals. In the process, extensive photography resources were committed to capture a full range of updated product imagery. This also included on-site photo sessions to showcase the client’s products in real-world installations. The copy was also thoroughly reworked leveraging existing assets as available, or created entirely as necessary in certain cases.

The results have been wholly positive. Overall traffic to the site has grown and the client has not only reported positive visitor feedback, but more importantly a significant increase in their sales.

CannonFuse.com mobile

Category: E-Commerce

Recognizing that 45 percent of the traffic to their site was coming from mobile devices, the need for a mobile storefront could not be disregarded.

Starting with the Mobile Storefront Add-on for ProductCart, our first goal was to replicate the content of the home page from the main store.

When we created the main store, we had customized the category and product pages to simplify the purchase of the various options on products such as fuse. We had also introduced our tabbed product page module. In the checkout process, there are customizations to limit the shipping choices under certain conditions. For example, fuse and fireworks may only be shipped via USPS Parcel Post. All of these customizations have been introduced to the mobile storefront. And finally, we pulled in the pyrotechnics content.

The outcome was a robust mobile shopping experience, and the orders initiated via the mobile storefront roll in on a daily basis.

Uniform Ready

Category: E-Commerce

This was a quick little entry-level project to meet the needs of a merchant who is starting a new enterprise, and needed a budget that could be absorbed at an affordable pace.

Bread Beckers Co-Op

Category: Database (Dynamic Content)

This is a project that we inherited and took over on a "rescue" basis. The client's co-op program allows members of their co-op groups to order products on a quarterly cycle. Once the ordering cycle is closed, the orders are tallied, loaded to a truck, and delivered to the co-op's drop-off location.

The system we have created for the client features distinct functionality groups based on whether the logged-in user is a co-op member, the co-op coordinator or the site administrator. Those features range from the ability to place orders, view historical orders, produce shipping reports, upload products via a spreadsheet, and all of the other administrative features one would expect from a complex ordering system.

Once we had all of the functionality nailed down and working according to the client's requests, we applied a complete redesign of the user interface.

Hands of Alaska

Category: E-Commerce

This store contains many of the hand-crafted works of art that are available in the client's physical gallery located in Homer, Alaska.

We built some interesting mods into this store. As the site will feature products created by a small group of artisans, the client wanted to present details on each product page that describe how the pieces are created, and an artist bio. We altered our tabbed product page module to allow the admin to select from a set of content pages so that each of these underlying content pages could be managed in a single location, yet appear on multiple products.

We also built carousels into the root category page to provide an alternate means of highlighting the top-level categories and their subcategories.

Also on the product page, we installed code on the "see more" tab which randomly selects other products from this artisan for cross-selling purposes.

Express Paint

Category: E-Commerce

To provide an optimal shopping experience, we engineered a set of Year/Make/Model search tools that allow the shopper to locate the proper touch-up paint for their vehicle.
For those who know their paint color code, another tool facilitates such searches.

Yet another database-driven feature allows the customer to drill drown by brand in order to locate the probable location on the vehicle where the paint color code is typically listed by each manufacturer.

In the checkout process, we built a robust cross-selling feature to boost add-on sales of products such as primer, clear coat, and touch-up kits.

And of course the store admin features a complete suite of tools which accommodate the management of the Year/Make/Model data relationships.

Compression Store

Category: E-Commerce

In the competitive market of medical hosiery, our client needed to provide a robust consumer experience. This store features enhancements over stock ProductCart functionality including a "Quick View" product preview, swatch-driven color/size selections, a directory of health conditions equipped with cross-sell product insertion, and more.

The back-end administration tool set is equally powerful, including custom tools for home page product selection, testimonials admin, and a custom integration between ProductCart and Stone Edge Order Manager.


Category: E-Commerce

Our client was awarded the US distribution rights to this high-end Swedish-manufactured bread mixer. Remember the Electrolux canister vacuum? Same factory!

The requirement for this project was to provide a consumer-facing introduction to the product and its accessories, and to help them locate a local dealer. Although we used ProductCart to establish the product and category pages, the shopping functionality is hidden behind the "wholesale dealer" login. That's easy because Early Impact provided support for wholesale-only purchasing, and we simply cloned a bit of their code to cause some aspects of the shopping experience to not appear if one is not logged in as a dealer. No big deal!

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