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Almost 90% of Internet users will use one or more major search engine during their online session. All are potential clients who are looking for what your company has to offer. We can give you the tools you need to find out where your traffic is generated and help you position your site to achieve optimum success.

Are the search engines REALLY important?

Undoubtedly, positively, absolutely....YES!

While meta tags, keywords and multiple entry pages are not routine marketing tactics, as budgets tighten and CEOs push for more profitability, expect more marketers to emphasize traffic quality over quantity.

The amount of traffic generated through search engines depends not only on your placement, but also your keywords. Poorly chosen keywords may double or triple your traffic, yet will not lead to increased sales. Carefully selected keywords will result in bringing targeted traffic to your site, meaning that visitors have been pre-qualified and are looking for what your Web site has to offer.

Not only is search engine traffic cost-effective, it's trackable, so you immediately know what your return on investment is. If you include search engine optimization in your marketing budget, you're sure to boost your bottom line with qualified, targeted traffic.
  • 82% of Internet users regularly use major search engines.

  • 88% find sites by following links from other sites.

  • 63% find sites using a directory like Yahoo or Open Directory.

  • In 2000, the top 10 search engines had nearly 147,000,000 unique visitors monthly. That number increases more than 10% every month.

  • 24% of Internet users purchased gifts online in 2000.

  • 42% of those who bought from online retail sites arrived via search engines.

  • 20% of all search queries conducted on AltaVista are product related.

  • 43% of young Internet users in America buy online.

  • The number of new users to niche travel sites increased 82% in Q3 2000 compared to Q3 1999.

  • The number of Americans who bought travel online last year grew to 21 million.

  • Yahoo, AOL and MSN were the top sites in February 2001; Yahoo earned top billing with more than 64,000 unique visitors.

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The bottom line is that Internet use is on the rise. As more Web sites come online, the market becomes more competitive. The Internet travel industry and E-Commerce numbers continue to climb. Search engines are critical to effectively marketing your Web site and attracting qualified site visitors.

We provide professional search engine optimization consulting services. The following information is a general overview.

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