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We provide professional search engine optimization consulting services. The following information is a general overview.

Needs Analysis
Every project begins with a needs analysis. This initial step allows us to determine the most effective positioning strategy for your site. To begin, we review current rankings and past submission(s) history as well as identify primary target categories.

Keyword Identification
A keyword strategy is a vital aspect of better returns. To accomplish this, we work with you to determine and define the most popular keyword terms and phrases used by your target audience.

Site Optimization
We optimize your entire domain: homepage, relevant interior pages, and all associated pages. To maximize impact on the search-engine spiders, we position several specific ranking factors throughout your site. This process, in combination with our content pages, greatly enhance your position on the major search engines.

Content Files
Based on our strategy and keyword analysis, we build a series of pages that match the ranking criteria of the search-engine spiders. The major engines will review all content pages that mirror their ranking formula. Your site will begin to achieve high "spider scores" based on content, theme, and core subject matter.

File Upload
GreyBeard Design Group delivers all work directly to its clients. We can upload or assist your technology team with the loading of our work onto your server. It is very important that any search-engine optimization work in place always runs "Live" with your site. Search-engine spiders and editors regularly note the IP address of all pages in their database. If the IP address is different from the actual homepage, all links will be removed. * To maintain our clients' site security, we often work directly with the Web developers to complete this process.

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