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California Fly Fisher

Category: E-Commerce, Database (Dynamic Content)

California Fly Fisher has earned, over the past several years, a reputation for being the finest publication dedicated to angling with flies in California. As such, it was an honor to gain the opportunity to develop their online presence.

Implementing Storefront 5.0 e-commerce to handle magazine subscriptions, we then produced a series of administrative tools to facilitate management of a searchable index of past issues, as well as the details of the current issue.

Marine Electronics Unlimited

Category: E-Commerce, Database (Dynamic Content)

This site provided an opportunity to exercise some interesting strategies. Operating against the same database and image library as its sister-site Star Marine Depot, we crafted a solution that allows selected products and categories to appear in both sites. This allows our client to manage multiple boutique web stores, while managing a single product database.

GreyBeard's outdoor-sports-related web sites have a proven track record of success. We are avid anglers, understand and value the sport, and want to help our clients succeed.

This site features a back-end database that allows our client to manage her favorite seafood recipes!

Alaskan Reel Affair Charters

Category: Informational, Database (Dynamic Content)

In today's competitive market, providers of outdoor recreational services find it critical to have a professional and effective web presence.

The costs of acquiring bookings at recreational sports shows, when considering registration, travel and other such costs is significant. It takes several bookings to overcome these costs of attending these shows. Every booking that can be captured without attending the show circuit directly improves your bottom line!

The live site has now been scaled back to a single page. An archive of the site as we created it is located here.
Rita Reps

Category: Catalog/Information

When our client came to us with her old site, she originally wanted to simply update a few images in the various artist portfolios. But she never really liked the logo on her site, and asked if we had any fresh ideas. After a quick conversation, we all agreed that what was needed was a fresh look - a contemporary design - one that would be fitting in order to present the work of her professional artist clientele.

I was surprised and delighted how Greybeard exceeded my expectations. They did exactly what they said up front, worked with me to design what I asked for, gave creative ideas to improve the site, quickly made refinements, and delivered the site on time. I found Greybeard with a Google search, so it was a complete cold call. After a few phone conversations, I was comfortable I would be working with customer-focused professionals.

Robert Skip Sandberg

Please click here for our client's complete testimonial.

Robert Sandberg Photo

Category: Informational, Database (Dynamic Content)

GreyBeard believes strongly in empowering our clients with tools that allow them to manage site content.

This site features a custom database administration tool that allows the client to manage the images and descriptions within his portfolio.

Contractors Course

Category: Informational, Database (Dynamic Content)

CTS are truly a model of online success. When we first started working with them, a staff of 4 used an older PC and a MS-Access application to manage leads. After building their first site, and increasing their search engine traffic, they felt it was time to add this second site. Today, after 3 office remodels, introduction of a network of several PCs and hiring of a sales and training staff, Contractor Testing Service has quadrupled their business.

Fish Oregon

Category: Informational

Located in beautiful Gold Beach, our client provides personalized fishing adventures on the coastal streams of southern Oregon. He needed a site that would inform the visitor as to the various opportunities.

"As an 18-year veteran of American Express Corporation, I have worked with many teams of developers. Therefore, I expect a high level of professionalism and knowledge of application development from groups I work with. Greybeard Design Group's graphics team put together an excellent theme that was completed in just days from the few requirements I provided. The development team put together some rather difficult requirements that added to the level of functionality not seen in many web sites.

In summary, I feel that GBDG are well suited to assist other companies looking for professional help in building their E-commerce business."

Gregory Blahut
Star Marine Depot

Star Marine Depot

Category: E-Commerce, Database (Dynamic Content)

As you browse the site, try clicking on the product category links on the left navigation bar. These point the browser to dynamic pages that list manufacturers within each category, based on the actual product structure. In addition, subcategories are included that list all of the products in the store offered by each specific manufacturer. Clicking on such links allows the visitor to see a complete listing of all products, and eventually to reach the detailed product page.

Product pricing inquiries (see the quotes link on the left navigation bar) are collected in a database and are managed with a back-end tool that allows the merchant to reply to quote requests. Replies are also retained in the database, so that the merchant may browse those responses in order to keep track of the bids that are in progress.

This site demonstrates GreyBeard Design's ability to develop a cohesive graphical design with comprehensive navigational options, as well as to implement effective modifications to LaGarde's Storefront E-Commerce software.

Leon Flick Cowboy Poetry

Category: Informational

Ready for some fun? Check out Leon's poetry and consider ordering a copy for a friend.

I was new to the computer world when I met Greg Dinger of GreyBeard Design Group. He developed a most wonderful Web site for me. He has been super to work with and keeps in touch. More than a business acquaintance... he's become a friend.

Thanks Greg!!

Leon Flick

Ar-Dels Bed and Breakfast

Category: Informational

Located in the northwestern corner of British Columbia, Ar-Dels is the place to go for trophy salmon and steelhead. More than that, you will be pampered with great home cooking and wonderfully comfortable accommodations.

Records: 41-50 of 50
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