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We love to hear that our clients are pleased with the results of our efforts:

Also wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the new site. I keep waiting for some of the problems that cropped up with the old one to appear and they donít Ė which is so wonderful! I can actually get on with business and not worry about what is going wrong all the time. The inventory management (which was a big issue with os commerce) has been flawless. AndÖthe customers love how easy it is to use the shopping cart. I canít say enough good things about PC Ė itís an amazing system.

Scrap 'n Stamp

Category: E-Commerce

When we replaced Scrap 'n Stamp's prior web store, an OS Commerce site, they had a number of goals they wished to achieve. First was that we needed to prepare a design that was superior to their competitors. Another was a means by which the home page could be easily managed. Also key to the project was the ability to retain legacy postings from a WordPress blog which they use to publish ideas about scrapbook crafting. We achieved those goals, on time and under budget.


Category: E-Commerce

Successful completion of their other site (madcowcutlery.com) owned by this client, on time and on budget, led them to ask us to redesign this site selling technology products. We take a great deal of pride in our projects, and when that commitment leads to the client asking us to take over another project, we know we have met the levels of performance that we seek.

Mad Cow Cutlery

Category: E-Commerce

Why would a sharp knife possibly make a cow angry or nervous?

This project gave us an opportunity to showcase some of our most popular ProductCart add-on features including Add To Cart Confirmation Alternative (recently acquired by Early Impact and incorporated into their V4 release), Session Saver, Tabbed Product Page, and Quick Order.

Maximum Security

Category: E-Commerce

Maximum Security had traditionally used ProductCart as an online catalog, with all shopping functionality disabled. The primary goal of the site had been to promote visits to their physical retail store. They had reached a point that they wished to promote online sales of their security products.

Our goal was to create an elegant design with an understated tone that reflected a sense of conservative maturity, which would be appealing to their audience.

An interesting feature of this site is the custom product comparison tables which appears on the category pages.

Reel Affair

Category: Informational

Our client sought to increase their search engine presence for selected keywords in order to attract business from cruise ship customers visiting Sitka.

A series of domain names were selected which contained the keywords the client felt would most likely be used by those prospective customers. We engaged a professional outdoor writer to assist with copy development, and wrapped it all in a new and compelling design.

The strategy worked. Business from cruise ship customers increased significantly for our client.

SmartBrain Technologies

Category: E-Commerce, Database (Dynamic Content)

Occasionally we find ourselves in a position to rescue a project, and that was the case with SBT. Two consecutive unsuccessful attempts to have their new web site developed led our client to find ProductCart, and ultimately to contact GreyBeard.

They had a design in place, much of their copy, and innovative products - they just needed a reliable developer to stand by them as they took their neurofeedback system to market on the Web. Having a shopping cart that actually worked almost seemed like a bonus.

We took the basic design which had been produced by another team, implemented it in a manner that we feel is very close to the original vision, and wrapped it around ProductCart.

Smiley's Home Distilling

Category: E-Commerce

We applied characteristics found on top brands like Jim Beam and Jack Daniels in the creation of Smiley's new logo. Then we created a design blending rich color tones, and an easy-to-access navigation scheme, and brewed up a winning web presence for our client.

Originally running an older cart, we used ProductCart's .xls product import feature to migrate from the old database, reducing the effort that was required to launch the new site.

Ensign Floral

Category: Informational, Database (Dynamic Content)

Our latest implementation of the Online Flower Search database-driven flower gallery.

The flash-based slide shows on the home and warehouse pages were developed using Slide Show Pro.

Sierra Toy Soldier Company

Category: E-Commerce

This store was originally built on Microsoft's bCentral service which is no longer available. When our client realized that the time was looming that bCentral would go away, he examined several alternate shopping cart solutions, and ultimately selected ProductCart.

One of the great advantages in these cases is the product data import/export tools built into ProductCart. We were able to retrieve the product database from bCentral, format it in a .xls file according to the needs of ProductCart, and used this to migrate the product data.

Then we rebuilt the static HTML pages, added a fresh design, and up sprung another new and successful ProductCart store!

Marine Electronics Unlimited

Category: E-Commerce, Database (Dynamic Content)

With the successful re-launch of Star Marine Depot behind us, and sales increasing significantly, our client asked us to redesign his second site. It's tough to argue with success. These two stores are power houses driving significant traffic and sales.

Records: 31-40 of 53
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