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Jannuzzi Clothing

Category: E-Commerce

This manufacturer of infant clothing needed a quick and reliable solution to meet their budgetary needs and other concerns. We prepared a simple and clean template, applied that to ProductCart running Early Impact's Apparel Add-on, as well as designing a custom home page. We also implemented a bolt-on dealer locator system which we have used on a number of projects.


Category: E-Commerce

Sportco is a popular 2-store chain of sporting goods stores in the Pacific Northwest. Their online presence had been developed internally for a number of years, and the sales volume had grown to a point that the owners felt the time had arrived that a new design was called for.

As opposed to many of the stores we build which contain a lot of custom program modifications, this is largely a stock "out of the box" implementation of ProductCart. However, a great deal of time was invested in developing the artistic components of the project, and we think that it really paid off. Hope you like it!

Letter Printing

Category: E-Commerce

This site features an extensively customized version of Early Impact's "Built to Order" version of ProductCart. In addition to developing a custom layout for their printed products pricing calculator, we performed extensive customizations to the product configuration page. For those familiar with BTO, you may recognize that a feature called "additional charges" appears on a separate page from the rest of the calculations. We combined the features of both pages. Esoteric? Yep. But for those accustomed to the stock implementation, you will immediately grasp the value of consolidating the page.

Quality Western Boots

Category: E-Commerce

This client wanted a design that blended his Texas roots and new home in Moab, Utah. Combining images of the Lone Star flag and the Colorado River with a rustic wood background provided him the ideal theme for his western boot store. The rest of the development represents a simple and clean implementation of ProductCart.

Falcon Parts

Category: E-Commerce

Catering to a robust international niche market, FalconParts.com migrated over from another shopping cart system, and has become a very successful store. While visiting this store, be sure to browse the advertising section for a listing of used Falcons including some spectacular restoration projects.

Zozo Music

Category: E-Commerce

www.zozomusic.com uses our tabbed product page module to organize the various elements of their product data, so when they asked us to produce a mobile version of their site, we built and installed a mobile version of the tabs module.

Have a look at this page, for example, to see how our tabs implementation expands and collapses vertically.

Shastina Homes

Category: Informational

Featuring magnificent images of Siskiyou County, Greybeard's home, this site is a huge step forward compared to Sandra's prior site. In the past, every new real estate listing had to be individually added to her old site. Today, all she has to do is to register her site with the local Multiple Listing Service, and they appear automatically in her site. And management of
her home page is simplified using a configuration file similar to what we do for many of the stores we build.

Note: It is rare that we have access to the quality of images that were available for this project. As we show this site to others, the common refrain is "I don't care about how good your work may have been, I'm getting hungry!

This is an important lesson to other merchants - quality product images help sell product! Get good images for your products, regardless of the effort required. It's worth it!
Captain Jacks Alaska

Category: E-Commerce

Our client had a pre-existing store based on a different platform. When they asked us to redesign their site, they had a number of goals: a fresh look, improved SEO, and improved access to their data. Every goal was met to their complete satisfaction.

After launching this site, the SEO-friendly URL feature of ProductCart has helped to contribute to improved Google ranking. Sales have increased dramatically, and the client is thrilled with how easy it is to manage all aspects of their store - ranging from products, content pages, recipes and orders.

Barrier Reef Aquariums

Category: E-Commerce

Featuring vivid imagery and underwater views of the deep blue ocean, this project provided a great opportunity for creativity as we worked with the design. Note the amazing footer images that rotate with each page refresh.

Beck Electric

Category: E-Commerce

Beck Electric's prior web store was based on X-Cart, and the category structure made the store confusing and hard to find the products one needed. It had a URL structure that was not conducive to being indexed by the search engines.

As is our standard practice, the new site features ProductCart's SEO-friendly URL structure in order to give the site greater potential for visibility on the web. And since the client themselves understood the need for ease of navigation through the store, they carefully redesigned their category structure so that their customers could easily locate products.

Records: 21-30 of 53
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