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Express Paint

Category: E-Commerce

To provide an optimal shopping experience, we engineered a set of Year/Make/Model search tools that allow the shopper to locate the proper touch-up paint for their vehicle.
For those who know their paint color code, another tool facilitates such searches.

Yet another database-driven feature allows the customer to drill drown by brand in order to locate the probable location on the vehicle where the paint color code is typically listed by each manufacturer.

In the checkout process, we built a robust cross-selling feature to boost add-on sales of products such as primer, clear coat, and touch-up kits.

And of course the store admin features a complete suite of tools which accommodate the management of the Year/Make/Model data relationships.

Compression Store

Category: E-Commerce

In the competitive market of medical hosiery, our client needed to provide a robust consumer experience. This store features enhancements over stock ProductCart functionality including a "Quick View" product preview, swatch-driven color/size selections, a directory of health conditions equipped with cross-sell product insertion, and more.

The back-end administration tool set is equally powerful, including custom tools for home page product selection, testimonials admin, and a custom integration between ProductCart and Stone Edge Order Manager.


Category: E-Commerce

Our client was awarded the US distribution rights to this high-end Swedish-manufactured bread mixer. Remember the Electrolux canister vacuum? Same factory!

The requirement for this project was to provide a consumer-facing introduction to the product and its accessories, and to help them locate a local dealer. Although we used ProductCart to establish the product and category pages, the shopping functionality is hidden behind the "wholesale dealer" login. That's easy because Early Impact provided support for wholesale-only purchasing, and we simply cloned a bit of their code to cause some aspects of the shopping experience to not appear if one is not logged in as a dealer. No big deal!

Electric Step

Category: E-Commerce

More and more of our clients are embracing the power of smart phone technology.

This mobile implementation using ProductCart's Mobile Storefront add-on required that we overcome a variety of challenges due to a unique implementation of ProductCart in terms of how they use category pages to create listings of the various vehicle applications for their products.

Cannon Fuse

Category: E-Commerce

Niche markets... Amazing... It would have never occurred to me to sell pyrotechnic supplies, but oh my!

Pyrotechnics allowed us some nice flexibility to work with the graphics. As you view this site, note that on each page load you get one of a handful of background images taken from various fireworks displays. And for those who are thinking about building your own store, or rebuilding a store as this client engaged us for, have a look at the product images. The client brough in a photographer to shoot fresh imagery for all of their products, and it makes such a nice difference to have everything consistent.

On the back end of the store where a lot of the work in this project occurred. Having several years experience running his store, the client had very specific ideas about how he wanted to refine elements such as the shipping wizard and other aspects of the system by which he processes his orders. It means so much to us, and is so rewarding, when we have created that which the client envisioned, they begin to use the tools or revisions they desired, and we hear in their voice how thrilled they are. That just rocks.

Abyss Dive Shop

Category: E-Commerce

As a tourisim-driven business, Abyss recognized the importance of a mobile implementation of their store.

We implemented a slide show featuring their key product and service offerings, and easily read navigation to make sure that the vacationing diver has the most convenient experience to view the store via their smart phone.

Global Crafts

Category: E-Commerce

Global Crafts provides income-generating opportunities to craftspeople in developing countries by following fair trade practices. Way cool...

The assignment in this project involved creating a site that will receive orders from wholesale customers only, and that while anyone may browse the store, only those who have valid wholesale purchasing rights may see pricing data.

To tell the story of who makes each of the products, we altered the product detail page in order to accomodate a "producer profile" which tells the artist's story, along with a random display of other products made by the artists.

Tasteful Garden

Category: E-Commerce

Having successfully gained a strong following from satisfied customers for their organic vegetable plants over the past several years, Tasteful Garden chose to undergo a complete redesign this year. A well-established and mature ProductCart implementation, this store features so many customizations it's hard to list them all.

Ranging from product-level control as to when various varieties will be available to shipment, to a database-driven "last frost date" feature that helps gardeners make good choices as to when their plants should ship, to our "shipping exclusions manager" that allows the merchant to dictate what shipping services will facilitate safe shipping of products to each part of the country - this store is packed with specialized features to facilitate this very busy seasonal operation.

Additionally, their mobile store (pictured on the right) has met a great level of success since the moment we launched it with very good sales volume. Read more about Early Impact's Mobile Add-on.

Allure Ventures

Category: Informational

This was a fairly intricate project, one of the few projects we perform each year other than ProductCart stores. The goal here was to help our client promote a wide range of event-related photography and video services that he delivers to his clients in the Los Angeles area.

Bubble Fast!

Category: E-Commerce

Bubblefast is a leading seller at eBay, offering an extensive line of packaging materials. On quiet afternoons, if ever is such the case, they can be found hiding in the back room popping those little bubbles.

In addition performing the design and implementation of this site, we created a pair of new product category page layouts in order to meet the special presentation needs of this product line.

In the "boxes" categories, we provide a search tool. Specify the dimensions of the items you wish to ship, and we'll return to the shopper the boxes that will best suit those items. Also, we present the quantity discount in a columnar format so that the shopper can easily determine the available price breaks.

The "bubble mailers" categories also needed special treatment. These products come in a variety of sizes as well as the "pack count" (number of mailers per package), and are priced accordingly.

We provided administrative tools that allow the merchant to declare all of the appropriate relationships, and to switch the product category into the appropriate display modes.

To complement the site for mobile users, we created a mobile version of the BubbleFast store.

Records: 11-20 of 53
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