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ProductCart Modification:
Tabbed Product Details Display for PC v4.7
Earlier versions: v4.1, v4.5 sp1, V5.02 version is here

Some products simply require more space to present all of the necessary details then the stock layout will accomodate. This script extends the Product Detail page (viewprd.asp) functionality to allow descriptive data to appear in a series of horizontal tabs.

To support the display of these tabs, the product administration tools are altered to feature 6 additional textarea fields, and an optional set of titles which may be used control the titles of the (CSS-based) tabs. Tab titles may also be configured at the site-wide level, and overridden at the category and product levels.

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In it's 4th generation, this mod is packed with new features, and more powerful than ever!

ProductCart versions supported:

v4.7 Features:

  • Easy install and simple configuration
  • Product admin tool supports HTML editor.
  • Manage tab titles on a global basis with overrides at the category and product levels.
  • Display cross-sell and product reviews in tabs.
  • Files are also provided to allow product reviews to appear in the traditional location.
  • Fully supported by PC's search features, including the AJAX-powered search results preview.
  • Full integration into the product (spreadsheet) import tool!
  • Support for 9 extra fields that you or your developer can use for any purpose. See below.

3 display formats supported:

Providing significant flexibility for formatting, these scripts are supported:

Use our tabbed product details display to organize your information!

Advanced Features:
One of the most frequent requirements for the projects that we perform is to add new fields to the product table (and the respective admin tools) for one reason or another.

That requirement is so common that we rarely build a site, or respond to a custom programming request, where we don't have to add such a field to the product database and admin tools.

To address this need, within the modifications to the product admin tools for our tabbed product page mod, we introduced 9 additional fields to the products table:

  • 3 textarea fields, fully supported by the HTML editor
  • 3 text input fields
  • 3 checkbox on/off flags
These fields are supported by the product admin tools, as well as the ProductCart's CSV/XLS spreadsheet import/export tools, making it easy as possible for store owners to manage these content fields.

Please note that we don't take those fields any farther in this mod, we just provide support for administering the data. What you do with these fields is up to you and your developer. We just save you the time and expense of adding the fields and updating all of the admin tools.

Self-install: Only $195 for the base code, plus $35 for the mobile extension!

To order this code, pay via Paypal or contact us.

If you previously licensed this mod for an earlier version, click here to purchase an upgrade.

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