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ProductCart Modification:
Quick Order Entry for v3.51, v4 and v5

If you need to deploy a quick means of ordering, this is the tool you need!

Do you receive telephone orders? This will save you and your staff a lot of time.

Do you send catalog mailings such that your customers already know what they want to purchase? This will make their ordering process easy and convenient.

See it in action here or here.

Quick Order Entry

Supports v4.1 to v4.7 + v5.1.01

Self-install: Only $125!

To order this code, pay via Paypal or contact us.

Important Note: QuickOrder is based on the "list view / mutiple add to cart" version of viewcategories.asp. Consistent with how that page operates, products which feature required options must be added via the product detail page, and cannot be added via the QuickOrder page.

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