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Orphan Image Manager

The problem: It is not unusual that one might upload product images to your store, only later to upload new images and forget to delete the old images. Eventually you can end up with enough "orphan images" that it can result in increased hosting costs, confusion about what images belong to products and which do not, and so on.

Additionally, every time you delete a product, or mark it inactive, those images remain. ProductCart offers no automated task that removes products and category images that are no longer in use.

The solution: This script reads the contents of the "catalog" folder (this is where ProductCart stores product and other such images), matching the image names against those which are referenced in the ProductCart database, and lists any images that do not have a match. Checkboxes allow such orphan images to be easily deleted. Images checked for match/no match include all standard PC-supported product, category, brand and company-logo images.

Use Orphan Image Manager clean up the clutter!

Self-install: Only $75!

To order this code, pay via Paypal or contact us.

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