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ProductCart Modification:
HTML Drop Ship PO Notification E-Mail

Early Impact's ProductCart software is one of the most robust shopping cart solutions in the market. One of the great features offered by this powerful application is the ability of the cart to trigger notification e-mails to vendors from whom products are drop-shipped.

HTML Drop Ship PO Notification E-MailThe e-mail that is issued by ProductCart contains all of the information needed by the vendor to fulfill the shipment. However, some merchants and vendors prefer a traditional PO format, one which is not currently offered by ProductCart.

The image shown to the right is an example of the notification e-mail that our modification can produce. The template for creating this e-mail is easily altered to meet whatever layout you require.

New feature! Optionally, the drop-shipper e-mail wil also include a second page which is a "packing list" that your vendor can drop in the package when the product is shipped to your customer. Tailored to reflect your logo and address, this provides a very professional presentation, giving the appearance that the merchandise shipped direcly from your warehouse.

Supports v3.51 to v4.7 + v5.1.01
Note: if you have the 4.5 files they work for 4.7 as well.

Self-install: Only $75!

To order this code, pay via Paypal or contact us.

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