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ProductCart Modification:
Apparel Color/Size Matrix

One of the many powerful features of Early Impact's ProductCart software is the optional Apparel Add-on. The basic concept of the Apparel Add-on is that the merchant is provided the necessary tools to create price-sensitive options such as color and size, then to generate pairings (known as subproducts) of the base product and all available options. (Need to know more about the Apparel Add-on? Here is the WIKI article.)

In its standard form, those product options appear on the product detail page as radio buttons or a dropdown select box. If the shopper wishes to purchase more than one color and size, it becomes necessary to perform multiple add-to-cart steps.

Apparel Color/Size MatrixMany merchants (such as wholesalers) prefer to allow the shopper to input their purchase quantities for multiple color/size combinations in a single step, a feature not available with the stock Apparel Add-on. Thus the color/size matrix mod.

This script modification is available for all ProductCart versions from v3.11 to v5.2.1. It is packed with functionality that would cost thousands in other shopping cart applications!

View a live (version 5.2.1) store here.
v4.1 sp1 demo
v4.5 sp1 demo
v4.7 demo

Feature set:

  • Handles price sensitive options for both the X and Y coordinates of the grid.
  • Retail and wholesale pricing is supported.
  • If your prices don't change by attribute, and you don't wish the prices to appear in the grid, we can opt to not show them.
  • The merchant may control which option, such as size, appears across the top or down the side based on the product options "order" setting.
  • If you track inventory and wish to color-code the quantity input boxes based on hard-coded inventory levels, this feature is available.
  • "Ghosting" of the size descriptions in the quantity input fields, and highlighting of keyed values when quantities are input. This makes it easy to see which column represents each size, and to be able to distinguish between the entries that have been keyed and those that are empty.
  • Support for AJAX preview of product images when swatches and associated product images are provided in the product configuration.
  • Control of whether the swatch appears in the grid or not.
  • Integrated with our popular Add To Cart Confirmation Alternative.

Supports v3.51 to v5.2.1

Kind words from a client using "the matrix":

This mod to ProductCart is an essential upgrade for all apparel websites. It increases sales by allowing easy entry of multiple products and visually displays all sizes and color without clumsy drop down menus. Two thumbs up.

Karl Clayton, Vice President

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