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ProductCart Modification:
Add To Cart Confirmation Alternative

When a shopper clicks the "add to cart" button, the native functionality of ProductCart automatically redirects the browser to the "viewcart.asp" page. Once the shopper finds themself on that page, the "continue shopping" button redirects the browser to the store's home page.

Automatically redirecting the browser to the cart totals page (regardless of what shopping system we are talking about) might be compared to directing shoppers to the checkout lanes of the grocery store each time they selected each product, as if one was trying to force them to pay for their purchase and ask them to leave the store.

When we build stores for our clients, we frequently are asked by our clients to alter that "continue shopping" button to perform a "javascript back" function so that the visitor may return to the page from which they clicked the "add to cart" button, preferring to easily return them to the section of the store where they were shopping a moment ago. But that always felt like only half of the solution.

Now ProductCart merchants have a new option. Instead of redirecting the browser to the cart totals page, this mod will automatically redirect back to the page on which the selected product was added to the cart, and a confirmation message acknowledging that the item was added to the cart appears in a floating box on the page from which they selected the item.

This modification will work with stock "out of the box" stores as well as those which have been altered with Early Impact's Static HTML Page SEO Modification.

Pages updated by this mod include:
- home.asp
- instprd.asp
- showbestsellers.asp
- showfeatured.asp
- shownewarrivals.asp
- showsearchresults.asp
- showspecials.asp
- viewcategories.asp
- viewprd.asp

Demo here

Also includes optional instructions for use in stores where the home page has been moved to the root of the web site (based on instructions in Early Impact's documentation.)

Self-install: Only $75!

To order this code, pay via Paypal or contact us.

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