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Greg Dinger, President
GreyBeard Design Group is led by Greg Dinger. Greg began his software career in 1974, and by 1976 was president of Greg Dinger and Associates (GD&A). GD&A provided consulting and custom business application development services to small businesses and public corporations for 16 years. Specializing in the development of commercial business applications, Greg worked on the family of IBM small business mini-computers, including the System/3, /32, /34, /36, /38 and AS/400. Over his IT career, he developed business applications ranging from general business accounting, order processing and inventory, construction scheduling, job costing, and several marine transportation industry-specific applications. This is a sample--actual applications developed would require multiple pages.

In the early 1980s, Greg additionally owned and operated AccuSoft, a software marketing enterprise whose principal products included Word Processing, Telex Management and Programming Utility software for the IBM Systems /34, /36 and /38.  Coordinating the marketing efforts of a national network of independent sales distributors, AccuSoft gained a successful market position for its key product, Z-Word. The business was sold in 1982.

Following 16 years in private enterprise, Greg worked in corporate employment for 8 years as a senior programmer-analyst with project lead responsibilities. During this time, his application experience expanded to include projects such as Order Processing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and a multiplatform application that captured and consolidated the results of global business operations for Duty Free Shoppers, a large international retailer. All of his work during that period was performed upon the IBM AS/400.

Having migrated his skills to many new computing platforms for 2-1/2 decades, Greg launched GreyBeard Design Group in 1999.

GreyBeard formed an alliance with Early Impact in 2005 and became a Certified ProductCart Developer. Building, hosting and supporting ProductCart stores has become a full-time commitment.

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