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Dallas Data Center:

HSPHERE Web Hosting Control Panel Login:

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From within the web hosting control panel, here are some of the tasks that can be performed:
  • Manage passwords for this control panel, as well as FTP accounts, databases and mail accounts
  • Define mail accounts, as well as view the inbox for any of the mail accounts you have defined here
  • Manage secondary FTP accounts
  • Generate a CSR and install your SSL certificate
  • Define databases
  • Set custom error handlers
  • Manage DNS entries
  • Access web traffic statistics (AWStats - use your FTP login for this please)
  • And much more... See the Parallels H-Sphere 3.3 User Guide for details.

Web Mail Interface:

Access to your e-mail accounts may be made via a variety of interfaces including Horde/IMP Mail, SQWebMail, DWmail, Roundcuber or Squirrel Mail. If you know the mail server you are on, click on one of the following links: mail7, mail8 or mail9.

Optionally, enter into a browser your domain name in the following manner, and then log in with your e-mail address and password:

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