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Session Saver

The problem: If your customer does not browse to an ASP page on your site at least once every 20 minutes, thus keeping active the browser session that is activated when they enter your store, the cart contents will be lost. If you have a large range of products on your site and there is a good possibility of customers adding many items to the cart, it is likely that your customer may take a coffee break or pause during the order process. If they're gone for 20 minutes or more they will come back to see an empty cart. After spending a fair amount of time adding items to their cart, they most likely will not do it again.

The solution: Lost sales and customer frustration can be avoided with an automated Session Refresh system that doesn't require user intervention. If a customer's Session is at risk of expiring, this add-on will keep it alive as long as their browser is open to your site. It also automatically records the page (and search query string) where they came from and presents a link to return to that page. Works with both ASP & HTM pages.

This script will set a timer each time a page in your store is displayed on the visitor's browser. If that page remains idle for 15 minutes, the browser will be automatically redirected to a "session saver" page as shown below.

The image below shows the content of the page which this mod will display after the 15-minute timeout passes. Click the image to see this in context.

Click to see Session Saver in context

Demo here or here
Add a product to your cart, noting that it appears in the cart totals, then leave your browser idle for at least 15 minutes. After the sessionrefresh.asp page appears, click the link to return to the previous page and your cart contents will remain active and available.

Self-install: Only $75!

To order this code, pay via Paypal or contact us.

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